2018 Reliability Projects

We are planning more than $3 million in investments in power reliability and electric operations in 2018.
As part of that, Midwest Electric will start a multi-year installation of a SCADA and Distribution Automation system. (SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.) The system is designed to reduce the length of major outages by using automation to more quickly transfer the load from one source to another during a major outage. For example, if our Cridersville substation is without power due to the transmission supply line, we would — from our office — activate nearby reclosers and “back feed” the Cridersville substation from our Amanda substation. The goal is to eventually make this switching capability available system-wide to 17 substations and metering points.
Other main projects in 2018 include:
•5 miles of three phase rebuild in the Rockford metering point area
•5 miles of single phase rebuild in the Chickasaw, Kossuth, Lake and Noble
substation and metering point areas
•Rebuild 2.5 miles of transmission line connecting our Marathon and Macedon substations in western Mercer County
•Replace primary underground conductor in the Meadowbrook and Walter Street areas near Cridersville
•Purchase a new bucket truck, and a new digger derrick
•New transformers, line reclosers, regulators, meters and poles
•Substation upgrades in St. Henry
•Pole testing in Elida and Rockford
•Tree Trimming in Kossuth and Elida
•Installation of computer software and hardware for the SCADA / DA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and Distribution Automation)
We made great progress in 2017, and hit substantial milestones, but our work is never done. We are committed to implementing infrastructure upgrades every year which will result in stronger reliability and peace of mind for our members.

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