Electric Rates and Fees

Residential Rates

Our residential electric rate is $0.0828 per kilowatt hour (kWh) plus the monthly Power Cost Adjustment. Included in your rate is a $35 per month Service Charge to help pay for fixed costs such as the poles, wires, meter, transformer, generating capacity and other items needed to ensure that electric service is available when you need it. The Power Cost Adjustment fluctuates monthly based on our generating fuel cost and our power supply demand cost. The Power Cost Adjustment amount is listed each month near the upper right corner of your electric bill. The total average is typically around $0.10 per kWh plus the $35 service charge.

So let’s combine all that and calculate an example bill. Let’s say you used 1,300 kWh and the current month’s Power Cost Adjustment is $0.015. Here is your total due:

1,300 kWh x $0.0828 = $107.64
1,300 kWh x $0.015 = $19.50
$35 monthly service charge
= $162.14

Remember, the $35 is included in your bill regardless of how much electricity is used – even if no electricity is used. On a distribution electric system, fixed costs are incurred by the utility regardless of how much electricity a member uses.

We also offer an off-peak rate for members who use electricity as the primary energy source for their home heating needs. This rate is roughly a 10-15% reduction from our standard residential rate. Call for details.


Click here for information on rebates.

Retail Choice and Electric Cooperatives

What is “retail choice” and what about electric cooperatives? Read here.

August 2010 Rate increase

Here is an extensive Q & A on our August 2010 rate increase, Questions and Answers.pdf

Billing Legal Notices

Click here for legal notices regarding your electric bill, including Electronic Check Conversion, Due Dates, Late Fees, Delinquent Notice and Disconnect Warning, and more.

Seasonal Rates

Our seasonal rate is the same as the residential rate, with billing every month.

Commercial & Industrial

Our commercial and industrial rates are very competitive and vary depending on customer load profile and other factors. Please contact us for a quote.

Security Lights

Our standard residential security light (100 watt sodium) costs $10.50 per month if it is not metered, plus an additional $2 per month if we add a pole and an additional $2 per month if a separate transformer is needed. We will provide servicing of the equipment at no cost.


We will run a credit check on all new customers, and some customers may have to pay a deposit. The deposit amount is either one month’s average electric bill, or $150, whichever is greater. This is considered a “soft” credit check that does not affect your credit score. Your deposit with Midwest Electric is refunded to you following 24 consecutive months of no late payments, or it is applied to your final bill.

Meter Test Fee

$100 Meter Test Fee: This fee is charged to a customer who requests a meter test. Upon testing the meter, the cooperative retains the fee if the test results show meter accuracy to be within plus or minus two percent of accuracy range. Should test results reveal meter registration of more than 102 percent of test equipment, the fee will be refunded and a billing adjustment made to customer’s account.

Collection Fees & Charges

There are certain fees and charges that apply to all Midwest Electric, Inc. customers:

$30 Collection Service Charge: This fee is charged when Midwest Electric personnel must visit a customer’s residence to collect on a delinquent account.

$30 Non-Pay Reconnect Fee: A reconnect fee is required when a customer’s service is disconnected for nonpayment, and reconnection is made during regular working hours.

$150 After-Hours Reconnect Fee: This fee is charged for reconnection done after regular working hours.

$25 Bad Check Fee (NSF): This fee is required for any check returned by the bank on which it is drawn for non-sufficient funds.