Energy Audits & Tips

On-Line Energy Audit

Click here and see how much you could save by upgrading windows, insulation, heating systems and more. You can even see how much you can save simply by changing your thermostat setting.

If you need new insulation, we offer rebates.

In-Person Energy Audit

Midwest Electric offers a variety of energy audits:

  • Over-the-phone – simply call us at 1-800-962-3830 and our customer service representatives or energy advisors can analyze your energy use and help you determine where your energy dollars are going – and how you can save. No charge for this service.
  • In-Person Basic Audit – This is no cost. We will do a walk-through at your home or business and identify areas of potential savings and help you better understand where you are using energy.
  • In-Person Advanced Audit – This service features a blower door test to determine air infiltration problem areas plus an infrared thermal gun scan to find “hidden” opportunities, and an extensive follow-up report with specific recommendations to help you prioritize opportunities. This service is provided by a RESNet certified HERS rater. Your cost – $200. But you can get this for FREE if you do one of the following:
    • Show receipts or other proof of at least $200 in home energy improvements as a result of the audit. Improvements can include: insulation, caulk, weatherstripping, Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, energy efficient doors and windows, and more.
    • Install a new electric water heater; a heat pump water heater; an air-source heat pump; or a geothermal system. Requires a free peak load reduction switch on the water heater; could qualify you for our discounted heating rate.
    • Above must be done within 60 days of receiving audit report; May be subject to inspection and verification.

Click here to request an In-Person Basic or Advanced Audit.

Energy Tip Videos

Visit our YouTube page for more than 20 different brief videos on energy-saving tips including refrigerators, ceiling fans, air infiltration, landscaping, duct work and more.

101 Energy Saving Tips

These are simple things you can do to start saving energy and money today! Just click here for the list, 101 Low Cost Energy-Saving Tips

No-cost Tips for Appliances

Save energy, save money with Appliance Energy Tips.pdf.

Checking Your Meter & Electric Circuits

Electric meters are very reliable and accurate. Typically, if a meter goes bad it would slow down…not speed up. Sometimes, a problem – such as an electrical short – may occur with your appliances or home wiring. Here is a method to test your circuits:

Do a breaker test as follows, first on your 220 volt items (ie, water heater, AC unit, clothes dryer, etc.). Have someone watching the meter, and have someone at the breaker box to turn off each breaker for each of those larger appliances one at a time. For example, turn off the water heater breaker and if this slows down the meter considerably then there may be a problem with the water heater such as a heating element. Turn that breaker back on and proceed to check additional breakers. If the meter was spinning fast and the breaker test slows it down then this will help determine which appliance may need to be checked.

Alternatively, you could turn off all breakers including the main breaker. Then have someone watch the meter while you turn on each breaker separately until one makes the meter spin fast.

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