Political Action

Get Involved in the Legislative Issues Impacting Your Cooperative! When state or federal politicians make laws affecting the electric industry, that means you will be impacted. It could mean your costs go up, it could mean power plants become more costly or difficult to build, it could affect power reliability. But the bottom line is, you are directly affected by the energy laws created in Columbus, OH, and Washington, D.C.

That’s why we want you to be involved in our political action efforts. Recently, our member-driven political action efforts helped defeat a state proposal that would have increased our kilowatt hour tax by $300,000. Currently, we’re faced with costly and ineffective environmental regulations that could be devastating to individual homeowners and businesses as well as our economy. Remember, we are customer-owned and not-for-profit, so our objective is to provide environmentally-responsible power at affordable prices in a reliable manner.

You can help:

1. Co-op Owners for Political Action (COPA)

More than 33,000 electric cooperative employees, directors and members nationwide – including more than 600 Midwest Electric members – belong to this political action group. For just $2.08 per month your contribution will support legislators and candidates who support electric cooperatives. Contact us at 1-800-962-3830 for more information on COPA.

Learn more with this Q&A brochure, which also includes an enrollment form.

2. Action.coop

America’s 900 electric cooperatives have established a political action web site,action.coop. Visit action.coop and sign up to receive action alerts when an urgent political matter arises impacting your electric cooperative. When a legislative issue arises, we’ll send you an email with a brief description of the issue and link to our action web site. There you’ll find a pre-written e-mail letter, and in just a couple clicks of your mouse, you can send the letter to your legislators. It’s quick, simple and at no cost.

Our ability to serve you depends on your determination to stand together with us as part of a grassroots network that sends a strong message to our elected officials on behalf of member-owned electric cooperatives.