Midwest Electric offers a $500 rebate for heat pumps and geothermal, and a $200 rebate for water heaters. Click here for details.

Off-Peak Electric Rate

Midwest Electric offers a reduced electric rate to homes with a heat pump or geothermal system and an electric water heater. Save up to $160 per year compared to our standard residential rate.

What Heat Pump Users Say About Heat Pumps

Midwest Electric surveyed its members who have an air source heat pump. The main results…

  • 90 percent are very satisfied with their air source heat pump
  • More than 90 percent would select an air-source heat pump again today
  • 96 percent would recommend an air-source heat pump to a friend
  • 99 percent say it has lowered their energy bills

Here are some quotes from the survey:

  • “Complete satisfaction,” T.S., Coldwater
  • “Happy with it,” K.Z., Celina
  • “The heat pump is great,” L.M., Spencerville
  • “I have lung problems and believe this is a healthy source of heat,” S.A., Celina
  • “It has been very reliable,” R.M., St. Marys
  • “Low operating cost,” E.B., Coldwater
  • “Not having to buy propane is great,” S.R., St. Marys
  • “Overall very satisfied,” S.S., Lima
  • “The heat pump has been a very good investment,” J.W., Coldwater
  • “Very constant temperature in house,” M.H., Elida
  • “Very impressed with the high temperature air coming from the ductwork,” G.M., New Knoxville
  • “Very satisfied,” D.E., Coldwater
  • “We are very happy with the system,” O.H., Minster
  • “We like the comfort of the heat pump,” R.G., Bluffton
  • “We love it,” P.W., Lima
  • “Works great,” F.S., Wapakoneta
  • “Would install again if building another house,” A.H., Van Wert
  • “Wouldn’t be without it,” R.W., Pandora