Report An Outage

Our electric meters immediately detect power outages and contact our office. However, we recommend that you call us at 1-800-962-3830 to report a power outage or emergency involving our equipment.

Report the outage directly through our Smart Hub site. On your smart phone or tablet, search for Smart Hub in the Apple or Android store. After downloading (it’s free), search for Midwest Electric Ohio. Register and log in. During an outage, tap the “Report Outage” icon. On the “Report Outage” screen, tap the “Report Outage” link. Verify your contact address. Add comments that will assist in the outage restoration. An example is if you heard a loud “bang” from your transformer, let us know. Then click “Submit.” This will report it directly to our mapping and dispatch systems.

But before you call to report an outage please understand that sometimes, the power outage is not on our lines or our equipment. Sometimes, it’s on your side of the meter – such as a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your house. When that is the case, it’s not necessary to call us. You’ll have to reset the breaker, or replace the fuse, yourself.

The next time you have a power outage, consider this:

  • Did you check your main breaker or fuse box?
  • Did you hear a noise?
  • Are your neighbors also out of power?

Power Outage Map
Check the status of current power outages on our website. (If you don’t have power at home, you can access the map from a computer at work or a friend or relative’s house.)

View outages by township, county, or zip code. Plus, more details on current and past outages can be accessed through our e-bill page. For more specific outage information, log-in to your electric account online to view the power outage status of your account(s) as well as outage history details. Information available includes the dates and times of current and past outages, the length of the outages, the cause of the outages, the number of members affected, and more.

Your individual outage details are located on our e-bill site, at Review My Outage Info. If you have not yet created a log-in to our e-bill site, it’s quick and easy. Simply click on the “My Account” box and follow the instructions.

You can also help us restore power faster. Keeping our database current will greatly expedite our service when you are calling in an electrical outage or problem during a storm. Please contact our office to verify your current account information, such as your current phone number.