Solar Energy

Ohio’s co-ops take a balanced, “all of the above” approach to renewable energy. While we continue to support and utilize affordable, reliable coal-fired generation for the bulk of our power, Midwest Electric’s wholesale power supplier, Buckeye Power, has made significant investments in renewable energy on behalf of Ohio co-op families.

2.1 megawatts of solar energy
Buckeye Power has installed solar energy arrays at 23 locations throughout Ohio for the OurSolar community solar project. Individual sizes range from 25 kilowatts to more than 600 kilowatts. These panels provide direct access to solar generation to electric consumers who otherwise may not have the means or ability to have their own rooftop systems.

As of July 2018, Ohio’s solar panels have generated 2,739,824.19 kilowatt-hours of electricity – enough to offset more than 4,109,736.09 pounds of CO2 emissions, 216,720.09 gallons of gasoline consumed, and 2,027,469.9 pounds of coal burned. To learn more, visit

So how do solar panels work? Check out the graphic to learn how the sun can be harnessed and transformed into electricity used to power our homes and lives.