Water Heaters

Reduced Electric Rate Program

You can enjoy our discounted electric rate Рabout 15% lower than our standard residential rate Рif you have an electric water heater and an air-source heat pump or geothermal system. Click here for information.

Did you know that propane is a by-product of crude oil? That means if you use propane for your water heater or to heat your home, your hard-earned money could be going to foreign countries. Sure, the propane is created in America. But it’s created from imported crude oil.

By contrast, electricity from Midwest Electric is created in Ohio, USA, from American coal, meeting tough environmental standards.

Plus, electricity from Midwest Electric is simply more economical than propane. Compared to our electric rates, you would have to buy propane for less than $1.31 per gallon in order for propane to be the lowest cost water heating option. And you would have to find propane for well under $1.00 per gallon in order for a propane furnace to be competitive with a heat pump or geothermal system. Call us today for a detailed BTU cost analysis of your next water heater or heating system.

Tankless Water Heaters

Marketers of tankless water heaters make a lot of claims…but do they deliver? They cost significantly more, and they can wreak havoc on our peak demand (which causes our power costs to increase), and the savings to you are minimal. Below are a number of documents and studies on tankless water heaters:

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump water heaters are a newer product, based on proven technology. And they look very promising! There are two main types of heat pump water heaters – an add-on unit that can be added to your existing electric, gas or propane water heater; and a package unit that replaces your existing water heater. Both types use the same principal: Heat pump water heaters extract heat energy from the surrounding air and deliver it to your water heater. The result is impressive – heat pump water heaters are typically at least twice as efficient as your existing water heater. And that’s significant, since water heaters are the second largest energy user in most homes behind only the heating and cooling system.

Visit this section at energystar.gov for more information on heat pump water heaters, and also check into possible tax credits.