What does a “peak” cost?

During “peak” times, electricity costs more. These peak times occur between 2pm to 6pm on the extreme hottest days.

     If you can lower your family’s electric use during peak hours, you can help keep our electric rates stable. We have not changed our distribution rates since August 2010, partly because of our peak load management.

     Please try to shift your use of electricity to earlier or later in the day during hot days (and the coldest winter days). And make sure to turn off things that are not in use or not necessary.

     Don’t do this every day…only during the extreme temperature days.

     How much does this help? Below is a list of some household items and how much it costs the cooperative when you have just one of these items on during a peak hour. This is a cost we have to continue to pay every month on our wholesale power bill – month after month – even long after the month you used the item during the peak hour.

                                                Monthly Cost

     Item                                   to Co-op

100 watt light bulb                 68¢

27 watt efficient light bulb     18¢

T.V.                                        $1.35

Computer, printer, etc           $2.03

Dishwasher                            $8.11

Swimming pool pump            $13.52

Air conditioner                       $27.04

Clothes dryer                         $33.80

Electric oven                          $67.60

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