New Electric Service

Haven’t established service yet?

If you are building new, or simply want to transfer an existing service into your name, click here to start the process. Or call us, 1-800-962-3830.

Welcome New Members!

Welcome to Midwest Electric, a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative! Membership has both privileges and obligations and they are spelled out in our Articles of Incorporation, Code of Regulations, and Membership Policies.  Please click here for our Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations; and please note on page 5 our easement for purposes of maintaining or building our lines and equipment on your property,including the trimming of trees, to properly maintain the supply of electric service. In addition, many of our relevant policies are in the Member Handbook. Please contact us if you have any questions, 1-800-962-3830. Some additional reminders are:

  • Please call us today to provide us your phone number if you have not already given it to us.
  • click here for our e-bill site where you can view or pay your electric bill and manage your account.
  • Please remember to provide us your payment by the 10th of each month in order to avoid late fees..
  • Save time and money with our Automatic Bill Payment Plan, where your electric bill is automatically paid each month from your checking, savings or credit card account.
  • Sign up for our E-Bill Plus program where you receive your electric bill only via e-mail and you use our Auto Pay option (either through your checking, savings or credit card account automatically each month). You’ll get a $5 one-time bill credit, plus you’ll help us lower costs by eliminating mailed bills and postage.
  • Members that have been charged a $150 refundable deposit will be refunded with interest following 24 consecutive months of no late payments.
  • Save money vs. gas with an electric water heater, air-source heat pump or geothermal heating & cooling system. Plus, you could qualify for our discounted electric rate. Call us for a detailed energy operating cost comparison.
  • Our Community Connection Fund annually contributes more than $40,000 to area charitable causes such as food pantries, low income programs, libraries, senior citizen centers, fire departments and more. This comes from our Round-Up program, where your electric bill is rounded up to the next dollar with the additional pennies deposited in the Connection Fund. 100 percent of funds are returned to our local communities. New members are automatically enrolled in Round-Up but you may cancel at any time by contacting us.

As a Midwest Electric member, you will soon receive your first copy of Country Living Magazine, a statewide magazine produced for all electric cooperative members in Ohio.  Midwest Electric uses the center section of this magazine to provide local cooperative information.  Look for the pages marked Midwest News.

Overhead & Underground Service

If you choose to have the lines buried, a Cooperative representative will meet with you at your building site to determine the cost of burying the electric line. You will receive an invoice for the construction of the electric service which will be based on the amount of primary and secondary line required and the size of the electric service that you request.

The primary electric line runs from the road to the transformer. Primary electric lines are buried 42-48 inches in the ground. The secondary electric line runs from the transformer to the meter base on the side of the house. Secondary electric lines must be buried at least 36 inches in the ground. It is possible to install the cablevision and telephone line with the electric line. Water lines must be dug separately and cannot be installed with an electric line.

Your electric cooperative installs all of the underground electric lines in our service territory and maintains responsibility for the line for the existence of the home or business. If you are planning to build a new home, please contact the Cooperative at 419-394-4110 or 1-800-962-3830 approximately six weeks before new electric service is needed.

There may be a cost for overhead lines as well. The cost of installing a new service is based on the amount of facilities added by Midwest Electric and the estimated annual usage for the new service.