Renewable Energy


EnviroWatts is a renewable energy program that gives Midwest Electric members the opportunity to support renewable energy for as little as $1 a month. EnviroWatts is sold in 100-kilowatt hour blocks, and is available to both residential and business members of the cooperative. Buying just one block of EnviroWatts each month for a year has the environmental impact of not driving your car for three months or not using 2½ barrels of oil.

EnviroWatts is optional. Pricing for EnviroWatts is as follows:
1 to 25 blocks: $2 per block per month
26 to 250 blocks: $1.50 per block per month
251 blocks or more: $1 per block per month

Each block represents 100 kilowatt hours (kWh). This program works regardless of how many kWh you actually use each month. For example, you could buy just one block even if you use, for example, 800 kWh each month. You’ll pay your normal costs for electricity, plus $2.

The renewable energy for the EnviroWatts program comes from electricity produced by wind and solar energy, as well as methane gas from landfills, poultry operations and dairy farms. To sign up, call us at 1-800-962-3830. Or e-mail


Midwest Electric has a 50kW solar array next to our Amanda substation, at Fort Amanda and Bowsher roads west of Lima. It’s part of the Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives OurSolar program, which features 2.1mW of solar arrays throughout Ohio. Click here for more information on OurSolar and to view live production data.

Our view of area wind farms

Where does Midwest Electric stand on area commercial wind farms? Our Position.pdf

How does residential renewable energy perform in Ohio?

Through Buckeye Power, our power supplier, we’ve got a test 10kW wind turbine in Indian Lake, and a test 3kW solar panel in Butler County. You can view live data to see how these generators have performed. For real time data on the wind turbine, click here. For the solar panel’s real time performance, click here.

To run calculations to get a rough estimate of the amount of electricity you could produce with solar or wind at your location, try these websites:  or (provides both solar and wind).

Want to know whether a wind turbine might be right for you? Check out our Small Wind Guide for helpful information, SmallWindGuide07-05ACfinal

Here are two other helpful wind energy documents, Evaluating Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy and Choosing a Home Size Wind Generator

For information on residential solar power, check this out,AHomeownersGuidetoSolarElectricSystems

For information on solar power for your business, read here,PhotovoltaicsForYourBusiness

Additional Resources

A research paper, A Rational Look at Renewable Energy: The Implications of Intermittent Power, Rational Look at Renewables.pdf

Germans debate cost of going green, May 2011 Financial Times newspaper

Connecting Your Renewable Energy to Our Electric System

Midwest Electric members or others who desire to have a windmill, solar panel, or other type of power generator that is connected to our electric system should first read and complete these three documents. Please note that our distributed generation rate is subject to change at any time.