Safety Demos

Midwest Electric will provide free, electrical safety demonstrations for your group.

Our most engaging demonstration features life-size and actual poles, wire, transformers, fuses and other equipment. This program is energized at 7,200 volts and provides a very entertaining and informative look at how electricity works on an electrical distribution system. A number of scenarios are covered with large electrical arcs, including kites, branches, antennas and more. A car-pole accident with fallen wires is simulated. This demonstration can be done at your location or our garage.

Large Demo

We also have a table-top unit featuring a neighborhood scene complete with a home, poles, wire and transformers. Viewers are shown the dangers of electrical contact through trees, kites, antennas, and underground transformer, and a fallen power line. The table-top demo provides a visible arc when contact is made. This presentation by Midwest Electric personnel can be adapted to last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Multiple sessions can be provided throughout the day, at your location or our office.

TableTop Demo

Please call us for more details, at 1-800-962-3830.